Maternity Clothes – Buying Guide

Are you pregnant and looking for comfortable, trendy maternity clothes? Here is the complete guide to learning why you need maternity clothes, pregnancy essentials, and a list of online stores to buy the best maternity clothes.

Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy brings radical changes in your body, from weight gain to increased breast size to expanding belly, making your regular or pre-pregnancy clothes feel tight and uncomfortable.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to raid your partner’s closet or wear unflattering oversized garments for the next nine months. Your best bet is to invest in comfortable and stylish maternity wear specifically designed for the comfort and need of pregnant women.

Here’s a rundown of when you should start wearing maternity clothes, what essentials you should have in your wardrobe, and where to buy or rent the best maternity clothes.

When should you start wearing maternity clothes?

Pregnant Woman Holding Teddy Bear

Generally, most pregnant women buy maternity clothes around the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy or when their pre-pregnancy clothes get tight or uncomfortable.

The time depends on your age, height, body type, weight gain, previous pregnancies, and the number of babies in utero.

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. If you’re wondering when to start wearing maternity clothes, it is up to you; let your comfort level be your guide.

If you’re still confused, look for these clues:

  • Has your bump peeked out of your shirt?
  • Are you wearing loose-fitting maxis and flowy tops all the time?
  • Your bra doesn’t fit you anymore. (note: Wearing tight bras during pregnancy can restrict blood circulation and can cause breast pain and infection)
  • Stretchy fabrics such as knit, lycra what you like to wear
  • You can’t button up your pants anymore.
  • Your button-down shirts are gaping, i.e., there’s a gap in your shirt buttons.
  • It’s hard to breathe in your regular clothes.
  • Your regular clothes are restricting your movement and causing physical discomforts like numbness, tingling, skin chafing, and irritation.

When you start feeling tight and uncomfortable in your pre-pregnancy clothes, it’s time to buy some pregnancy clothes.

What maternity clothes do you need?

maternity clothes

You don’t have to revamp your wardrobe completely. You need to invest in a few essential pieces that will carry you through pregnancy to postpartum.

To make your maternity shopping convenient and more organized, we divided them into three categories:

1. The Basics

These are pieces you should stock up on first, like:

  • Supportive maternity bras
  • Maternity panties
  • Maternity leggings or jeggings (fabric should be four-way stretchy)
  • Everyday t-shirt

2. The Must-Haves

These are clothes you should buy after you’ve got all the basics:

  • Maternity tops/tunics
  • Maternity jeans/pants
  • Maternity dress/ Maternity Kurta/Kurti sets
  • Maternity loungewear/Maternity kaftans
  • Maternity Nightwear

3. The Investment Pieces

To celebrate your pregnancy in style.

To get your money’s worth, buy nursing-friendly clothes to use post-delivery. In photoshoot gowns, look for detachable trains.

Investing in a few multi-purpose clothing items is key to building a versatile and affordable maternity wardrobe.

How do I know what size maternity clothes to buy?

Pregnant Woman Measuring Her Belly

Maternity sizes work the same as regular clothing sizes. If you were a size small before pregnancy, you’d probably be a maternity small unless you’re carrying twins or multiples. So don’t give in to the temptation to buy a size or two larger than what you usually wear. Buy in your pre-pregnancy size or consult the manufacturer/seller.

Before buying any maternity wear, it is highly recommended you check your current measurements and refer to the brand size chart to get the best possible fit. Ultimately buy what fits and feels you right.

Where to buy maternity wear online in India?

Pregnant Woman Doing Shopping

Ready to start shopping? Here, we’ve rounded up some of the moms’ favorite online stores to buy maternity clothes.

1. Best Maternity Stores for Online Shopping

2. Where to rent maternity clothes?

Clothing rental services are a great option, especially for expensive items like photoshoot gowns

3. Other Options

You can also collaborate with maternity brands, borrow your friend’s maternity clothes, or buy second-hand maternity clothes from sites like OLX.


Maternity clothes are essential for the comfort of pregnant women. You should invest in a few key pieces early on to ensure your comfort throughout the nine months. Many different styles and types of maternity clothes are available, so find what works best for you and buy according to your size. Don’t wear tight or ill-fitted clothes during pregnancy – they will only make you uncomfortable. Invest in nursing-friendly items that will give you good value.

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