What to Wear to Your Baby Shower?

The best baby shower outfit is comfortable, reflects your sense of style, and boosts your confidence during the ceremony. Here are some easy tips for finding the perfect-for-you outfit.

Baby Shower Party

A baby shower, also called Godh Bharai in India, is an exciting time to celebrate the coming birth of your child. As the guest of honor, you will want to look your best. You want something that makes you feel comfortable but does not compromise fashion. After all, this is the perfect chance to show off your cute baby bump in style since you’re going to be a full-time mummy soon after.

The best baby shower outfit is comfortable, reflects your sense of style, and boosts your confidence during the ceremony. There are almost endless options to choose from, making the selection process challenging. If you are stuck in a dilemma of what to wear to your baby shower, here are some easy tips for finding the perfect-for-you outfit.

How to Dress Your Bump for a Casual Baby Shower?

If it’s a casual get-together, you can go for a lightweight and flowy maternity maxi dress to stay comfortable and look stylish at the same time.

Get dolled up in a dress that quickly enhances your pregnancy glow and adds a boho touch to your bathroom. Complete the outfit with a pair of flats or sandals.

How to Style Your Bump for an Elegant Baby Shower?

For a much dressier baby shower, you can try a fitted floral dress that hugs your pregnant body in all the right places. It will turn your bump into the center of attention.

Although this curve-hugging style is classy in itself, you can add accessories to make it even more glamorous. Add extra sparkle to your shower look with a few beautiful pieces of statement jewelry in your neck, ear, and hand. However, keep accessories neutral to avoid crowding a busy pattern.

What to Wear to a Virtual Baby Shower?

If you’re throwing a virtual baby shower, consider adding a fun touch to your upper body wear as you’ll be seen from the waist up. A printed maternity top or a detailed pregnancy blouse with interesting necklines paired with a chunky necklace or statement earrings will check all the boxes. However, avoid anything too tight or low-cut to ensure your top doesn’t pull or gape open while sitting.

How to Dress Your Bump for a Lunch Baby Shower?

Style your bump with trendy pieces if you’re going out for a relaxed luncheon. For instance, you can go for a pair of supportive maternity jeans and a floral blouse under a light kimono-style jacket that is very trendy and accepting.

Want to flaunt a more classic image? Try the typical black and white combination that never goes out of fashion. Wear booties or wedges to finish off the look. You will love this outfit because you can interact confidently at the baby shower.

How to Dress for a Baby Shower in Winter?

A winter baby shower means you’ll need warmer clothes made of heavier fabrics. A high neck rib-knit dress with details like thumb out style can give you just the right look for a wintry baby shower. You can also add a lightweight scarf to incorporate a pop of pattern or color. Finish off your look with a pair of winter boots instead of fashion-styled ones.

Achieving an appropriate baby shower look can sometimes be troublesome for many first-time moms. For your help, here are a variety of party-ready looks that are cute, comfortable, and fashionable:

1. Casual Cool

If you’re suffering from swollen legs and ankles, there is no better option than a maternity maxi dress. Team up a floral dress with on-trend accessories like easy-to-get-on metal slides, statement earrings, and a blush cross body bag — all of which you’ll wear until the baby arrives.

2. Boho-Inspired

For a winter baby shower, pair a flowy maternity dress with embellishment. You may pair tassels or embroidery with accessories like flat booties and a wide-brim hat for an overall bohemian vibe. Finish off the look with a pair of non-see-through maternity leggings.

3. Prim & Pretty

A flowy trapeze silhouette gets a flirty makeover with an off-shoulder neckline, especially in a feminine print. Pair with dainty jewelry and tonal accessories to pull this look together instantly in a fool-proof way.

4. Jean Lover

Found a pair of maternity jeans that hugs your bump perfectly? Dress it up with an oversize t-shirt or tank and a bold printed robe-style topper. You can also add a blazer, sweatshirt, bomber, or cropped moto jacket to enhance your outfit. This look is best worn open.

Baby Shower Dressing Tips for Mom-to-Be

To really nail the baby shower look, follow these styling tips:

1. Dress for Comfort

Never compromise your comfort for anything. Aim for comfortable designs that ensure freedom of movement and provide the best support for your ever-growing bump, particularly during baby shower games.

2. Show Off Your Bump

This is actually what maternity fashion is about. Choose an outfit that highlights your baby bump and showcases your pregnancy curves in the best possible way.

3. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Use the small details and light accessories to beautify your outfit. You can effortlessly enhance your look without putting on any additional clothing that will only weigh you down.

4. Dress in Layers

Dress in a layered look for an outdoor baby shower as weather conditions can unexpectedly shift. Pairing your dress with a cardigan, hoodie, or jacket is wise.

5. Safety First

Choose flat shoes over stiletto heels and slip, trip, and fall-prone footwear to prevent potential accidents. Boots, wedges, or chunky shoes are a great way to dress for your baby shower comfortably.

6. Don’t Overlook Innerwear

What you wear underneath matters as much as what’s on top. Ill-fitting undergarments can break your baby shower outfit. Make sure you wear properly sized maternity lingerie to help your dress look better.

Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Shower Outfit

When choosing a dress for your baby shower, consider these factors:

1. Time of Year

Keep the season of your baby shower in mind. Opt for breezy and flowy dresses featuring florals and prints in bright colors for summer, whereas slightly more fitted dresses made of thick materials are suitable for winter.

2. Theme

Is there one? If yes, coordinate your outfit to complement the baby shower theme. You can achieve this by matching color, style, prints, and patterns.

3. Tone

Baby showers are much less formal, so pick dresses in feminine colors, cheerful prints, and color flashes. Shades of red, yellow, or orange are the most preferred ones.

4. Fabric

Ensure the fabric is lightweight, soft, smooth, and breathable. Refrain from materials that won’t stretch. A cotton-spandex blend is an excellent choice.

5. Style

Choose a dress that reflects your style. This will help you stay comfortable and confident during the event. Fitted dresses are trendy at the moment as they show off your bump in all of its rounded glory.

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